Fiscal Accountability

Animal Protection of New Mexico takes very seriously its responsibility to make the biggest and best difference with our donors' hard-earned dollars. We work hard every day to maintain your trust, and remain enormously grateful for the consistent generosity of all those who engage in our mission. We will continue to forge fundamental change in the way animals are being viewed and treated in New Mexico.

2015 Financials

APNM Identified as High-Impact Nonprofit!


APNM has earned the coveted Gold Level for Guidestar, a trusted source of ratings and information about nonprofits. APNM is recognized by colleagues in national organizations as being a leader and model for statewide animal advocacy because of its adherence to strategic guiding principles, best practices and good governance that together lead to noticeable change for the better for New Mexico’s animals. APNM works to make sure animals matter in every New Mexican community by focusing on relevant, solutions-based approaches driven by local needs, making it easier for individuals, policymakers and communities to choose humane options. APNM's animal cruelty hotline serves as an incubator to inform what programs will make the biggest difference for animal-related challenges in communities throughout the state. APNM is responsible for passing dozens of stronger local and state laws to protect animals, for ensuring humane laws are vigorously and effectively enforced, for establishing pragmatic programs and services and for helping make animal protection issues resonate with the public and policy-makers.

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