APNM Initiatives



Animal Protection of New Mexico is challenging historic and widespread animal cruelty through an ambitious set of initiatives.

Animal Control, Law Enforcement and
Animal Cruelty Task Force Casework

Develop capacity for effective enforcement of New Mexico’s laws against animal cruelty, to include: hosting animal cruelty/animal fighting hotlines and providing technical support to the public and agencies on cases–more than 2,000 cases were handled in 2010; working with N.M. Attorney General to enhance the New Mexico Animal Cruelty Task Force; underwriting law enforcement training on animal fighting/animal cruelty investigations and a broad range of topics pertaining to animal control and sheltering; issuing and publicizing rewards for information in cruelty cases; and continuing public outreach on animal cruelty issues.

Equine Protection Program

Plan, fundraise for and implement comprehensive statewide program services to address the most immediate needs of wild, feral and domestic horses and other equines in New Mexico. Program components will include emergency feed assistance, subsidized humane euthanasia and disposal, subsidized gelding services, equine re-homing, pursuit of equine policy improvements, promotion of equine stewardship, training law enforcement agencies on handing equine issues, and developing statewide volunteer network for equines.

Promoting Humane Animal Shelters

Provide comprehensive input to the Animal Sheltering Board on all aspects of animal sheltering, including shelter and euthanasia standards. Continue outreach across New Mexico about new euthanasia licensing laws, governing agencies, procedures, technicians and instructors.

Companion Animal Rescue Effort (CARE)

Maintain and promote CARE network of safe havens across New Mexico for animals of domestic violence victims.

Spay-Neuter Promotion and Program Support

Work with communities to create effective spay-neuter programs, publicize a directory of spay-neuter resources available statewide and promote New Mexico’s spay-neuter license plate.

Humane Education

Distribute Kind News newspapers to thousands of New Mexico school children, make age-appropriate presentations on animal care/safety and cruelty in schools, community centers, colleges and universities, and promote and distribute humane alternatives to classroom dissection of animals.

Getting Dogs Off Chains

Using a New Mexico Department of Public Safety report on tethering dogs and Animal Protection of New Mexico’s Train. Don’t Chain.® campaign, develop and implement a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of life for New Mexico’s dogs by: advocating for stronger local ordinances that address chaining in effective ways; creating a pilot program to ensure success; teaching people that dogs are social beings who should not be isolated on chains; developing a series of public service announcements; making behavioral training resources available; and helping people identify viable alternatives, such as fencing and housing solutions.

Chimpanzees to Sanctuary

Continue building support to permanently retire from invasive research the chimpanzees at Alamogordo Primate Facility.

Coexisting With Beavers

Work with state and federal agencies to promote humane solutions to problems caused by beavers by educating agencies and the public about the many benefits of flow devices and coexisting with beavers.

Cougar Smart New Mexico

Implement comprehensive Cougar Smart New Mexico outreach program on how the public can stay safe when living and recreating in New Mexico’s “cougar country” by emphasizing coexistence, education and awareness.

Wildlife Management Policies

Using the best available science and public support for coexistence with wildlife, influence policy-makers to change regulations harmful to wild species.