APNM’s Current Initiatives

Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM): Making sure animals matter in every New Mexican community for over three decades. APNM is challenging historic and widespread animal cruelty through an ambitious set of initiatives.

Challenging Animal Cruelty

      Animal Cruelty
    Receive animal cruelty hotline calls from around the state and manage casework;
  • Organize and underwrite law enforcement and agency training in cruelty investigations and ‘The Link’ between animal cruelty and domestic violence;
  • Offer cruelty case rewards to locate and prosecute animal abuse offenders.

Changing Laws to Change Lives

  • Under the umbrella of Animal Protection Voters, pursue improvements to local, state and federal laws for the benefit of animals;
  • Pursue equine policy improvements;
  • Encourage communities to adopt local laws that restrict or eliminate chaining of dogs.

Protecting Horses, Mules & Donkeys

  •   Equine Protection Program
    Maintain and expand Equine Protection Fund program services to address the most immediate needs of wild, feral and domestic horses and other equines: feed assistance, subsidized humane euthanasia and disposal, subsidized gelding, equine re-homing, promotion of equine stewardship;
  • Train law enforcement agencies to recognize and handle equine issues;
  • Develop statewide volunteer network for unwanted horses, donkeys and mules;
  • Develop other equine safety net elements, such as Horse Shelter Rescue Fund;

Building Humane Communities

  • Maintain, expand and promote Companion Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) network of safe havens across New Mexico to help animals of domestic violence victims;
  •   Animal Sheltering
    Provide comprehensive support to the state’s animal shelters and their communities through detailed consultation, direct assistance identifying resources and fundraising;
  • Provide comprehensive input to the Animal Sheltering Board on all aspects of animal sheltering;
  • Help communities create effective spay-neuter programs, publicize a directory of statewide spay-neuter resources and promote New Mexico’s spay-neuter license plate;
  • Work with local, state and federal agencies to identify and strengthen the resources and capacities available to keep animals safe in natural and human-caused disasters.

Teaching Compassion for Animals

  •   Humane Education
    Deliver The Animal Connection: long duration, comprehensive, school-based humane education curricula for Pre-K through Grade 8.
  • Deliver age-appropriate presentations about animal care and safety, recognizing and reporting animal cruelty and increasing the human-animal bond in schools, community centers, neighborhood associations, native communities, colleges, elder-care facilities, universities and elsewhere;

Securing Sanctuary for Chimpanzees

  •   Chimps to Sanctuary
    Build support to permanently retire from invasive research the chimpanzees at the Alamogordo Primate Facility. 




PROMOTING Coexistence With Wildlife

  •   Co-Existing with Wildlife
    Beavers: Work with state and federal agencies and landowners to promote and utilize humane solutions to problems caused by beavers;
  • Cougars: Implement comprehensive Cougar Smart New Mexico outreach program on how the public can stay safe when living and recreating in New Mexico's "cougar country" by emphasizing coexistence, education and awareness;
  • Influence policy-makers to enact regulations supportive of wildlife diversity and coexistence;
  • Organize New Mexicans against killing contests and trapping/poisoning of wildlife on public lands.

Honoring Champions for Animals

    Every four years APNM holds its Milagro Awards ceremony to recognize and honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding, humanitarian efforts to improve the lives of New Mexico’s animals and promote compassion.

Keeping New Mexicans Involved and Informed


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