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Keep the opposition momentum going
Please ask friends and family to speak out against this heinous killing contest

Stop contest-killing of coyotes

Despite widespread public outrage, including a well-publicized protest on Saturday and this strong editorial in the Albuquerque Journal, this weekend’s coyote-kill contest is still scheduled to occur. If you have demonstrated, written letters, or made calls on behalf of coyotes in the past few weeks, THANK YOU, and now please help us keep the momentum of New Mexicans Against Coyote Contests going to oppose this and all future repulsive contests.

The organizers of the contest have consistently claimed that any criticism of this event is an infringement upon gun-ownership rights and hunting privileges. However, on our petition against the contest, over a third of signees have self-identified as gun owners, and a tenth are hunters or anglers. Please continue to encourage any friends or family who own guns or hunt to speak out against this contest.

There is still time to stop this contest. If you haven’t already, please use the following items as a guide to publicly denouncing this distasteful, unethical event, and share this email with friends and family. Please add your voice to the majority of New Mexicans against wanton killing for its own sake. 

Step one: Sign the petition, New Mexicans Against Coyote Contests

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Address Line 2
State / Region
Postal / Zip Code

 I am a gun owner. 
 I am a hunter/angler. 

Step two: Write, call, and make your feelings known

CONTACT: The Albuquerque Journal, the Valencia Co News-Bulletin, and your local newspaper
Politely voice reasons to oppose this contest: 

Write and call to stop coyote-killing contests  
  • It is repulsive to hold a contest in which participants are rewarded for the most animals killed. Not only does this glorify wanton killing, but it reinforces the idea that animals’ lives don’t matter. Most New Mexicans don’t agree with this distasteful attitude.
  • US Department of Agriculture’s own data reports that coyotes and other native carnivores are responsible for a tiny percentage of all livestock losses. In their endorsement of the contest, NM Cattlegrowers Association attempts to justify this carnage by wildly overstating livestock losses to carnivores, applying national totals to just New Mexico.
  • Published research shows that indiscriminate killing of coyotes throws off their natural social structure that keeps their own numbers in check. Coyotes play a vital and natural role in the ecosystem, eating mostly rodents that can carry plague and hantavirus.

CONTACT: Gunhawk Firearms (505-865-3500)
In addition to the points above, please (again, politely) voice opposition to this event:

  • Many hunters oppose killing contests, in the interest of both public safety and wildlife management. This event should be canceled immediately.
  • Many people who purchase and keep firearms do not support wildlife killing contests. Gun shops should stick with selling guns and avoid alienating those who support the right to bear arms but don’t support contest killing.

CONTACT: Governor Susana Martinez

  • APNM has submitted an official letter asking the Governor’s Office to denounce this and all such kill contests. Please follow up by respectfully informing the Governor’s Office that this contest has drawn unwelcome attention to our state from around the country, and thanking the Governor for past attention to animal cruelty issues in New Mexico.
CONTACT: Browning Firearms (UPDATED LINK)
  • Politely inform Browning that their products are being used as prizes for a distasteful, unethical and ecologically-damaging killing contest.

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