Sneak Preview: 5 Years of the Equine Protection Fund calendar

Coming soon: a special, limited-edition wall calendar to celebrate five years of the New Mexico Equine Protection Fund. This gorgeous calendar features exclusive horse art by renowned New Mexico artists, special dates in equestrian culture and history, and photos and stories from the horses, donkeys, and mules helped the Equine Fund’s humane assistance programs. For more information on pre-orders, please contact Victoria at 575-405-8567 or by email.

Every animal deserves warmth and security all year long


This winter, anyone can help ensure that domestic animals living outdoors are kept warm and snug on even the coldest nights. The Straw Fund, now in its fourth year, is a partnership between APNM and Bernalillo Co. Animal Services that guarantees availability and distribution of insulating straw to any backyard doghouse or shelter in the city and county.

The Straw Fund is now accepting donations to help pay for straw bales to be carried in all animal control officer vehicles and that are available upon request (call 311 or 505-314-0280). At only $6 per bale, even small contributions to the Straw Fund go a long way to providing wintertime protection for companion animals. To contribute, please visit our Donation Page (specifying “Straw Fund”) or call 505-265-2322.


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