Giving is good for YOU, and horses

Challenge Yourself!

It's not often you have the opportunity to double the impact of your donations to help equines across the state of New Mexico. Now's the time!

By doubling your donation to the Fund you can make sure more equines play and happily live their lives with good nutrition and care.

A very dedicated and generous Animal Protection of New Mexico donor will match every gift to the Equine Protection Fund (Fund) in 2014 up to $100,000. Two separate challenge grants of $50,000 each provide exciting opportunities to see your gift doubled. The first challenge grant applies to immediate equine direct services; the second challenge grant applies to future direct services through the Equine Protection Fund's Endowment.

If you and others give now, the Fund could see an infusion of up to $200,000 in 2014. With current fund averages, this translates into helping over 1,200 more horses, donkeys and mules this year in the Land of Enchantment.

Giving is Good for You

We all know how great it feels to be able to give a contribution to something we care about. Humans have a wonderful capacity for sharing, caring and empathy. On top of what we have experienced ourselves, there is scientific evidence that the practice of giving is physically good for you!

Giving to the Equine Protection Fund, a partnership established in 2009 between Animal Protection of New Mexico and the charitable New Mexico Community Foundation, means life-saving services, such as Emergency Feed Assistance and Veterinary Care programs, can continue throughout the year to provide adequate nutrition and care to horses, donkeys and mules. The Emergency Feed Assistance program, started in May 2010, answered an urgent and basic need to provide emergency assistance through the provisions of hay, alfalfa and grain to equine owners who, through circumstances beyond their control, are unable to provide adequate nutrition to their equines. In addition, the Fund provides assistance for veterinary care through a variety of programs.

The Fund is the state's only comprehensive equine welfare assistance program addressing the needs of New Mexico equines and the people who care about them, ushering in a new era of humane stewardship.

Chart of total horses helped

The Year of the Horse in the Chinese zodiac, which began on January 31, is a great opportunity to bring attention to needy horses in our state and also to the great work being done to alleviate the suffering of equines. Our Equine Campaign Manager works daily to administer funding for hay and veterinary care via the Fund, which, in February, passed a milestone of 500 horses, donkeys, and mules helped or given relief by our services. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, our staff member helped connect a person who had sadly lost her horse and wished to donate the leftover hay (96 bales which, at current prices, was valued at over $1,600) to a nearby family requesting feed assistance for their four horses. These creative solutions for horse welfare are possible with APNM's centralized assistance network through the Equine Fund.

Help Us Expand our Reach

Plans for even more services are under way and the Fund will continue to grow in its mission to provide solutions we can all support. We are dedicated to the goal of providing a better life for horses, donkeys and mules across the great state of New Mexico. Racing To Home is a program under development and will be devoted to retraining ex-racehorses, providing a second chance opportunity to build new life skills and to be adopted out to loving and caring homes. Comprehensive equine welfare is in the interest of all New Mexicans, so all equines can live out their lives with dignity.

Giving Made Easy

Giving to the Equine Protection Fund has never been easier and doubling the impact of your gift is a great way to make a crucial difference for equines in real need!

Help Our Horses Now $50,000 Challenge Grant:
Your gift will be doubled, and will help homeless horses right now through feed assistance, gelding and other veterinary care. To date, APNM has been able to help over 500 horses because of these kinds of direct services. Give online or send a check to APNM, P. O. Box 11395, Albuquerque, NM 87192 and write "EPF NOW" in the memo.

Help Our Horses Into the Future $50,000 Challenge Grant:

Your gift to this effort will also be doubled, and it will help grow the important equine endowment meant to ensure direct services will be available far into the future. This endowment is designed so only the earnings of the fund are used for program services, ensuring those services are available as long as they are needed. Give online or send a check to APNM, P. O. Box 11395, Albuquerque, NM 87192 and write "EPF INTO THE FUTURE" in the memo.

If you've given, thank you!! Still want to help more?

This year, for the first time, New Mexicans can help horses through something they do every year: fill out a state tax return! Starting with your 2013 tax return prepared in 2014, you can designate any or all of your state tax refund to help horses.

Look for the Horse Shelter Rescue Fund on New Mexico's PIT-D tax form and please consider a donation this tax season. Your contributions to the Horse Shelter Rescue Fund will benefit the state's licensed equine facilities, which work 24/7 to care for and rehabilitate homeless and abused horses. Until now, they have received no local, state or federal funding for their vital work. This new Fund, created through legislation prioritized by Animal Protection Voters in 2013, allows taxpayers to contribute to a statewide fund and help support the rescue shelters who give a second chance to hundreds of horses, donkeys, and mules.

Thanks again for all your support to ensure deserving horses, donkeys and mules receive kindness and care... giving is good for YOU and horses!

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