Dollar-for-dollar matching grant opportunity for horses, donkeys and mules!


Now is the time to see your donation doubled!

Two horses faced dire conditions in Peña Blanca during a merciless cold snap; a chestnut and a bay gelding, with names unknown, had previously been kept by a man who abandoned the horses with a neighbor family and then skipped town. The bay was an off-the-track thoroughbred and an online search of his racing name showed he had competed on the track the preceding year. In the space of just six months, his condition deteriorated into starvation and severe laminitis. 

With the horses suffering in the cold, the family turned to the Equine Protection Fund for help. Our Volunteer Network gave veterinary supplies for the two horses. When a veterinarian determined that the bay was suffering and wouldn’t recover from his injuries, we offered financial support for humane euthanasia (though the veterinarian ultimately donated his time and efforts).

The red gelding had a far happier result. He was adopted by a Volunteer Network member in nearby Corrales and named Romeo. To assist the volunteer in taking in the horse, the Fund provided support via our Emergency Feed Assistance program. 

You can help horses like Cochise who received feed assistance when his family had a temporary loss of income.

The Equine Protection Fund, New Mexico’s safety net for needy horses, donkeys, and mules, continues to draw notice for its innovative programs. The Fund, which crossed a milestone of 550 animals helped earlier this month, was recently honored with a new funder, the prestigious Pond Foundation.

Pond, an invitation-only granting organization that does not accept requests, has dedicated $18,000 to the Equine Fund as part of a matching grant, pairing all contributions dollar-for-dollar. The only requirement is that all donations must be raised from new contributors.

If you’ve never contributed to the Equine Protection Fund, this is a perfect time to join the network of New Mexicans and Americans committed to humane solutions for suffering horses. If you are a current donor to the Equine Protection Fund, we thank you for your continued support and encourage you to share this new fundraising goal with friends and family.

Any amount helps us to reach our 2014 goal of $36,000, with over 95% of all contributions going to direct assistance for horses. At current Equine Fund program averages, $36,000 will:

  • Prevent the starvation of 195 hungry horses
  • Geld 187 stallions, colts, and jacks, preventing innumerable unwanted births
  • Provide lifesaving veterinary care to 114 horses relieved from situations of abuse and neglect, or
  • Give humane and compassionate end-of-life treatment for 187 suffering horses

We need your help now to reach our goal of raising the $18,000 match through new donations. In the Year of the Horse, please consider how you can contribute and help spread the word about this bold initiative for our hoofed friends. By making a donation today you can become a Champion for Equines and be featured in the Equine Honor Roll of the Fall edition of Animal Protection of New Mexico’s Making Tracks magazine. Each donor will be entered into a drawing to be held September 1, 2014 for an exclusive opportunity for you and three guests to win a behind-the-scenes tour of the beautiful Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary in northern New Mexico. The winner will have the opportunity to meet the Sky Mountain Mustang Band and learn more about how the sanctuary and its partners are using humanity and science to keep more wild horses free in sustainable numbers here in New Mexico.

If you prefer donating by mail, please make out your check to "APNM", with "EPF" in the check memo, and mail it to APNM, P. O. Box 11395, Albuquerque, NM 87192.

We all know how great it feels to be able to give a contribution to something we care about. Humans have a wonderful capacity for sharing, caring and empathy. On top of what we have experienced ourselves, there is scientific evidence that the practice of giving is physically good for you! With your gift, we will keep making real change for horses like Romeo.

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