New Mexico Prevails Against Horse Slaughter

“It’s official. The controversial horse slaughterhouse in New Mexico will not be opening,” says KRQE (watch the story here). The attorney for Valley Meat, which has sought for years to open a cruel, dangerous horse slaughterhouse in Roswell, submitted a letter to the New Mexico Environment Department on July 31 withdrawing their application for a wastewater discharge permit, which the company needed to begin operations.


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Giving Thanks
To everyone who signed our petition against horse slaughter, made phone calls, wrote, donated, and otherwise worked to protect horses from the scourge of slaughter: THANK YOU! Animal Protection of New Mexico has worked for years alongside many dedicated individuals,  organizations, and policymakers to prevent this heinous plant from opening in Roswell and we sincerely thank EVERYONE who has helped. Special gratitude for meaningful action goes to:


What’s Next?

The federal bill to stop the export of all American horses for slaughter would forever end the horror of horse slaughter. Make a quick call to your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative in support of the SAFE Act now!

Horses deserve more responsibility from humans, that’s why we created the Equine Protection Fund (Reminder: Please give now to directly help horses, donkeys, and mules!) and why we will continue to press for the humane treatment of horses all across New Mexico. With your support, we can move mountains.

Thank you for caring about horses and all animals!



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