Record High Temperatures Expected in New Mexico

Keep Your Animals Cool and Your Kids Safe!

The hot summer days of New Mexico can quickly become overwhelming for all. Please consider the following tips when enjoying the great outdoors with your companion animal.

Put your self in their paws! Take steps to keep your animals cool this summer.
  • Never leave your animal in an unattended vehicle. Even with windows open, a car can quickly become a furnace.
  • Signs of overheating include: weakness, excessive panting and drooling, increased heart and respiratory rate, confusion and seizures.
  • Animals with short muzzles (Boxers, Pugs, Persian Cats) are significantly more susceptible to heat stroke since they cannot pant as effectively.
  • Keep walks to the cooler part of the day. Asphalt and cement maintain high temperatures and your animal's paws can easily burn. Don't believe us? Believe your feet. Try kicking off your flip-flop and placing a bare foot on the asphalt or sidewalk for a moment. A recent test we conducted of asphalt surface temperature showed it to 130 degrees Fahrenheit! What you experience, your dog experiences!
  • Dehydration can occur quickly. Provide ample, clean water and shade for your animals.
  • Read warning labels on all chemicals used on lawns, gardens and swimming pools. Many are extremely harmful if ingested.
  • Be "pet-riotic!" Never use fireworks around an animal.


Children aren't the only ones out for summer vacation! Loose dogs and even family companion animals can easily 'lose their cool' in the summer heat. Discuss with the children in your life, the appropriate way to behave around animals.

Be sure to include:

  • Only pet a dog after receiving permission from the owner.
  • Let the dog sniff your closed hand before reaching to pet him.
  • Do not try to pet a dog without his owner present.
  • If a loose dog comes near you, stand still, like a tree.
  • Do not run or yell around any animal.
  • Never disturb or startle a sleeping animal.
  • Never disturb an animal when he is eating.
  • Do not go near a chained dog.
  • Do not tease any animal.
  • Do not stare into a dog's eyes.

APNM wishes a fun-filled safe summer to all companion animals and their people!

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