135,000 Animals in New Mexico Shelters – Statewide Spay/Neuter Plan is Needed

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In this edition, find out how APNM is building resources statewide to tackle animal overpopulation, learn how to get involved in the 2015 Milagro Awards, get prepared for the 2015 Citizen Lobby Day, and get your last minute holiday shopping done while protecting horses at the same time! And don’t miss the vegan holiday sweet-treat recipe!

We're glad to have you here, following our long history of working for the well being of New Mexico’s animals. Four times a year we publish our Making Tracks magazine. To continue and expand our efforts, we rely on the support of grants and generous donors to make the protecting animals an everyday activity for New Mexicans. We would like to call on your help to continue that important mission.

Everyday we act as the voice for animals in our state. And the circle of compassion extends beyond that. Our work for animals in New Mexico sends a strong message everywhere. We are a people of vision, of compassion, strong as southwest sun, vibrant as the sharp blue sky. We can accomplish anything. Ideas are contagious.

And we'd love to have your support, to continue our work. To expand our outreach and make animals matter in every New Mexican Community.

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Whether you can afford a one-time or yearly donation, the equivalent of a single dinner out, or you can commit your support for animals with a monthly gift, even if it's just the amount of a fancy cup of coffee, your support can mean a few extra printed copies of Making Tracks we can give away to someone who has that passion in their heart. Share Making Tracks with friends and show them how by working together we can accomplish great things for New Mexico’s animals.

For over 35 years Animal Protection of New Mexico has been making great strides for animals. With your help, imagine what more we can do for the future.

Please join us, for what we can accomplish in the next 35 years, and beyond.


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