2014: Forging a More Humane New Mexico

Consider Your Role in This Change

Where We've Been...

To know where we're going, it helps to know where we've been. In 2013, Animal Protection of New Mexico created jaw-dropping change for the benefit of animals and those who care about them.

Thanks to our members and supporters, APNM's 2013 Accomplishments were substantial.

As you well know, making animals' lives better isn't just about statistics. It matters a great deal how the public and policymakers view and consider animals and their well-being. So we are excited to tell you about some of the concrete change we helped create in 2013.

But because numbers often directly reflect real lives, we are also proud of some statistics. Here are some of the highlights of what Animal Protection of New Mexico contributed to animals in our state, thanks to your participation and engagement:

  • Answered calls about 850 cruelty cases reported to our animal cruelty hotlines.
  • Provided information on the Link between animal cruelty and family violence to over 1,000 child welfare advocates, juvenile justice agency employees, and law enforcement officers.
  • Established a partnership with the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence to broaden and deepen our commitment to victims of domestic violence and the animals that are meaningful to them by strengthening our CARE Network.
  • Organized massive opposition by the public and policymakers to horse slaughter in New Mexico and elsewhere.
  • Reached a new milestone through The Equine Protection Fund of bringing relief to over 475 horses, mules and donkeys.
  • APNM's legislative arm -- Animal Protection Voters -- created and promoted the Horse Shelter Rescue Fund in the New Mexico Livestock Board, the first ever state infrastructure designed to help at-risk horses through donations of state tax refunds and direct appropriations from the state budget.
  • Launched APNM's Animal Relocation initiative aimed at optimizing the movement of cats and dogs from New Mexico to other regions of the state and country that want certain animals for adoption.
  • Maintained APNM's Animal Shelter Assistance Program that provides expertise, assistance, fundraising and other technical support to public and private animal shelters throughout New Mexico -- thousands of dollars have already been raised for small town projects that benefit animals.
  • Ensured animal interests are included in New Mexico disaster preparedness activities spearheaded by local, state and federal agencies.
  • Grew APNM's The Animal Connection humane education school-based program to reach more students in central New Mexico (Albuquerque and Los Lunas), and expanded the program into Santa Fe.
  • Mobilized citizens and policymakers to demand answers to questions about the use of chimpanzees in painful and unnecessary research, resulting in the unprecedented announcement by the National Institutes of Health that they will end the use of chimpanzees in invasive testing, retire to sanctuary hundreds of chimpanzees, and will not breed any more chimps for use in research.
  • Organized massive citizen opposition to killing contests, and the use of traps and poisons on New Mexico's public lands, launched legislative efforts to achieve bans on all these cruel practices.

Where We're Going...

2014 is already off to a running start, and each of the initiatives outlined above will be continued and strengthened this year. APNM and its legislative arm, Animal Protection Voters, are already looking ahead to the 2015 legislative session, working to build even more support for our priority legislation. Stay tuned for citizen lobbyist workshops to be sponsored in several locations across New Mexico. APNM will dramatically expand The Animal Connection humane education program beyond Albuquerque to Santa Fe and points north. APNM hopes to secure funding to meet the CARE Network's urgent needs to keep safe the animals of domestic violence victims and give peace of mind during times of crisis.

As we tackle animal-related challenges that have prevailed for decades or even generations, we rely on the support of community members, and that support can be in a variety of forms. We obviously need financial contributions, but we also can use in-kind donations, donated professional services, volunteers and interns.

APNM staff

APNM's staff, board members and contractors work hard throughout the year
to make the biggest difference possible for the animals of New Mexico.
Thank you for engaging with us in this challenging but rewarding work!

Intern Housing Request

Over the years, APNM's programs have benefitted substantially from the laser-focused efforts of its talented and generous volunteer interns. Because of their engagement, APNM's impact in the community can be optimized and expanded. In some instances, interns would like to contribute their time, but they need to have housing in order to make an internship work for them.

Could you offer short- or long-term housing for an APNM intern, thereby maximizing our efforts for the animals? Most internships last at least throughout the summer months or the duration of a college semester. In other cases, interns offer their volunteer time for even longer periods. If you have housing to donate for an APNM intern, please contact Daniel Abram.


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