Urgent Action for Cougars AND “Deep Thoughts”
New Mexicans rally against cruel wildlife management; Renowned humorist and former Saturday Night Live writer Jack Handey speaks out against expanded cougar trapping

Traps are a cruel and indiscriminate threat to anyone who happens to step a foot in one.

The deadline for signing the Stop Cougar Trapping petition is days away!  We’ll gather final names this Sunday, August 16th, and then prepare to deliver the list of humane-minded New Mexico residents and tourists to the State Game Commission and Governor Susana Martinez.

The New Mexico Game & Fish (NMDGF) released its final proposed changes to the Bear and Cougar Rule last week—and it’s even more extreme than we expected.

As in the initial proposal, NMDGF’s final proposal seeks to remove the permit requirement for using traps and foot snares to kill cougars on any private land. Traps are cruel and dangerous and no other state (other than Texas) “manages” cougars in this manner. NMDGF offers no scientific basis for its decision and has not explained how it will protect cougar mothers and kittens from deadly traps, even though the killing of both is illegal in our state.

Send us an email to volunteer to help protect New Mexico's animals from cruel trapping.

But something new appeared in the final proposal. We knew State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn called for the NMDGF to allow cougar trapping on all 9 million acres of state trust lands that benefit education in New Mexico. Now we know NMDGF caved in to this unprecedented and unjustifiable request.

Join state legislators, the state’s largest newspaper, and thousands of New Mexicans: Say ‘NO’ to cruel, indiscriminate wildlife trapping. Say ‘NO’ to the State Land Commissioner’s assault on native wildlife that belongs on state trust lands. TAKE ACTION HERE!

Renowned humorist and writer Jack Handey—best known for his surrealist one-liner jokes in many “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey” segments on Saturday Night Live in the ‘90s—is joining thousands of New Mexicans and speaking out against cruel cougar trapping! Over the next couple of weeks you might spot his ad in your local newspaper or your social media news feed, or hear him on the radio. We’re grateful to him for lending his voice to the Stop Cougar Trapping campaign!

See/Hear what he has to say:

Every moment counts. Every advocate matters. Don’t wait until it’s too late: Help the Stop Cougar Trapping campaign today!

Thank you!


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