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Today Animal Protection of New Mexico launches a crowdfunder in partnership with to keep our effective humane education program, The Animal Connection, in classrooms across New Mexico!

Help give hundreds of children the gift of nurturing and compassion! We need to raise at least $5000 by the end of 2015 to keep up with schools that have requested and scheduled our in depth lessons for PreK-8 graders. Can you help? Please learn more, donate, and share at this link!

The Animal Connection teaches students compassion for animals. Watch How!

Your gift will help children and animals now and into the future.

Take the case of Buster and Tyrese.

Buster, 12-pound chihuahua-terrier-dachshund rescue and a registered therapy dog, assists in Animal Connection classes throughout the state. But he always saves his Thursday afternoons to make rounds at Albuquerque’s Presbyterian Hospital.

Last Thursday, Buster was passing through the surgical waiting room when he heard a small voice call, “Buster?” Running toward him was Tyrese, second grader at La Mesa Elementary. Last year, Buster assisted in teaching Tyrese’s first grade class how to protect themselves from dog bite.

After the two old friends had a chance to pet and be petted, Tyrese became the focus of the anxious friends and family members in the waiting room. When they looked up from their computer screens, magazines and paperbacks, Tyrese, with Buster in tow, instructed them on how to approach a dog safely.

A lesson well learned and shared…

We all benefit when individuals like Tyrese and Buster thrive. Please act now and donate to our crowdfunder by December 14, 2015, to ensure we can continue our commitment to low income families and schools for the spring of 2016.

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