New Mexican Chimps Held in Texas Lab Need Your Voice

Endangered Species Act Will Protect US Chimps, Now They Need Sanctuary


Elijah and Rosie survived long, difficult years in the lab as invasive research subjects. They deserve a chance at peace and dignity. Please send a message now to the NIH to retire these chimps to sanctuary!

Recent weeks showed another round of good news for chimpanzees, but more remains to be done.

Chimp champions may already know that the US Fish & Wildlife Service made the long-awaited announcement to protect captive chimpanzees in the US as “endangered,” a huge change that many advocates worked on for years to see to fruition.

But hundreds of chimpanzees still remain in laboratories today. You can press for a group of deserving New Mexican chimps held in a Texas biomedical research laboratory to go to sanctuary, please send a message to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at our site.

For more details, please read and share the op-ed from APNM’s Laura Bonar published in the Albuquerque Journal, here’s an excerpt:

Support for the Fish and Wildlife decision to protect captive chimpanzees is rightly broad and far-reaching. The agency deserves all the adulation and thanks given in the press and on social media in recent days.

But what’s missing from this latest round of good news is what must come next: more chimps experiencing peace and dignity in sanctuary. It’s time for Rosie, Elijah and all of the 20 New Mexican chimps still held at Texas Biomedical Research Institute to go to sanctuary. The NIH can make this happen.

While we celebrate the Fish and Wildlife Service’s step forward, let’s press to make sure that changes on paper turn into real changes in living conditions for our surviving chimps.

When more chimps get into sanctuary, they have a chance to experience life as a chimpanzee rather than as an invasive test subject, and scientists can better focus on humane and effective research. We will know we did the right thing.

Twenty New Mexican chimps stuck in a Texas lab have more than earned their chance.

Remember that New Mexicans have come a long way to protect our chimps and chimpanzees all across the country. We’re not done yet, though!

Thank you for taking action today to help Rosie, Elijah, and all the New Mexican chimpanzees currently held at Texas Biomedical Research Institute!


Read and share APNM’s op-ed: 20 NM chimps stuck in a Texas lab must be freed

Ask the NIH to send Rosie & Elijah’s group to sanctuary:

Science: Research chimps to be listed as 'endangered'

Albuquerque Journal editorial: Chimps deserve sanctuary

Share with your friends on social media:

Will you help Rosie and Elijah get to sanctuary? Please act now to protect New Mexican chimpanzees from a life sentence in the lab! Use our site to send a letter to the NIH:

Posted by Animal Protection of New Mexico on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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