Time is running out for New Mexico’s cougars
Please Act Now to Protect Our Wildlife

As supporters of Animal Protection of New Mexico and Animal Protection Voters, you know we will not simply stand aside when unprecedented cruelty threatens to indiscriminately torture and kill New Mexico’s native and vital wildlife, and put our communities and companion animals at risk.


Speak out for NM wildlife today! Join the call to protect cougars from cruel trapping proposed by NM Game & Fish.

That is why we have launched the Stop Cougar Trapping campaign and new adjoining website to tip the scales towards protecting New Mexico's wildlife.  But we can’t succeed alone—we need your help!

Our goal: to deliver a petition with thousands of signatures from New Mexico citizens and tourists, urging Governor Susana Martinez and the State Game Commissioners she appoints to reject the NM Department of Game & Fish’s (NMDGF) proposals to assault our state’s cougar population.  NMDGF biologists have already admitted to lacking adequate scientific data to support a decision to increase cougar trapping and harvest limits. We must take action to ensure our state’s wildlife management is based on sound science and ethics.

We are gathering as many signatures as we can by Sunday, August 16th—only 25 days from today.  Will you pitch in?

How You Can Help:

  1. Volunteer with the CampaignJoin our campaign organizers at events and public spaces to gather signatures. Your help at these signature-gathering events will help ensure every concerned citizen has his or her voice heard! Email us here to volunteer.

    Like bluegrass music and helping wildlife? Sign up to help gather petition signatures with APNM at Wildlife West Music Fest! Sign up for a four hour shift and we'll give you a FREE ticket. Only two Saturday and two Sunday slots are still available. Email ben@apnm.org or call 503-504-7616 to sign-up.

  2. Pledge to “Collect Twenty-Five to Keep Them Alive”If you can’t commit to 25 days of volunteering, no problem! Simply collect 25 signatures from your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, church congregation—anyone you run into!—and send the petition sheets back to us by August 16th. You can download the petition to print and share. Email us here to pledge twenty-five to keep cougars alive!

  3. Spread the Word – Forward this email. Sign the petition! Share the petition on social media. Call your state legislators and ask them to reach out to the Governor to protect our cougars.

When people work together for animals, we help protect our communities!  For more information, visit our brand new StopCougarTrapping.org campaign website:



Stop Cougar Trapping campaign website

APNM’s Bear & Cougar Rule alert

Trap Free New Mexico’s coalition website

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