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By stopping the cycle of exploitation of chimps and helping those held captive in labs here in the U.S., we’re helping chimps all over the world live healthier, happier lives.

Are you ready to help chimpanzees live the rest of their lives in peace and dignity? Here’s a quick list - do one or do all five and know you’re making a difference.

  1. Use this simple and quick form to say THANK YOU to NIH for retiring NM chimps held in Texas. Let them know that you stand against the use of chimpanzees in experiments, and are grateful that they are sending our NM chimps to sanctuary.
  2. Spark others by reading and sharing our chimps blog “Onward & Upward” at ChimpsToSanctuary.org/blog. Be sure to share our blog on Facebook or Twitter!
  3. Pledge to give $25 a month to ChimpsToSanctuary.org. Skip your coffee out and help a chimpanzee sanctuary support a resident instead! Who needs caffeine when you can generate that kind of energy?
  4. Buy a chimp tag in honor of chimpanzees who endured long, hard years in the lab – the tags make great gifts for loved ones who care about animals. Your purchase supports APNM’s nonstop work to ensure all the surviving chimps see sanctuary, and there are only a few dozen chimp tags left!
  5. Stay informed on the next chapter for the NM chimps currently held in Texas, who will be the first to move to sanctuary. What does this mean? What are the next steps? We’ll keep you updated on all the news right here.

For more information about the Chimps to Sanctuary movement visit chimpstosanctuary.org or contact laura@apnm.org.

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