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<empty> Horse Blanket Drive needs donations -- it's cold out there!
APNM & ASI Bring More Link Training in 2013
<empty> Looking Back At A Remarkable 2012
Chimps Over 100 Chimps To Leave a Laboratory For The Peace and Dignity of Sanctuary
APNM Gift Membership is Welcome All Year Long
APNM on KOB APNM Featured on KOB Eyewitness News 4!
coyote editorials Newspapers Speak Out About Coyote-Kill Contests
cold weather Keep Animals Warm This Cold Winter
Equine Protection Fund celebrates 300 horses
A Thanksgiving Letter From The Staff of APNM
APNM Board Member Helps With Humane Education in Kosovo
Laboratory Chimpanzees Closer Than Ever To Sanctuary
“Team Teddy” Hits the Ground Running
Help us keep horses warm and fed this winter and beyond - October Equine Fundraising Drive is live!
Helping lost companion animals find their way home
OUR Chimps Need YOUR Help!
APNM & Barn Dogs reteam for the Horse Blanket Drive
Help bring more Kind News subscriptions to New Mexico's children
The APNM Making Tracks Fall Newsletter is Out!
Tucumcari Animal Health Fair a Huge Success
State Agencies Embrace Link Training
Your Phone Calls Saved a Wolf's Life!
Steadfastly Defending NM's Majestic Equines
APNM Attends Love Your Animal Health Fair
APNM’s Laura Bonar Given Grassroots Leadership Award
Take Him Indoors or Leave Him Home - Download APNM's new poster
APNM's Summer Making Tracks Newsletter is out!
Give Chimps a Break this Summer! Call your Senator today to support GAPCSA!
The Equine Fund helps turn crises into opportunities
Stay safe this summer with these cool tips!
Year of the Cougar Run a success for cougar advocacy
Equine Protection Fund celebrates 200 equines helped
Horseracing Scandals Engulf New Mexico
Team Teddy Completes Santa Fe Century
Emergency Preparedness: How to Stay Safe and Help Others in Need
APNM and Valles Caldera Trust team up to raise cougar awareness
Chimps' Fate Awaits Congressional Action
APNM is Making Tracks with Revamped Look. Don’t Miss Our Next Edition!
Valencia County Frees Dog from Cruel Chain - APNM Offers $1,500 Reward
New Mexico is Ready for Humane Horsemanship
The Fed's predator control methods leave a trail of animal death & degraded ecosystems
New Mexico’s black bears face a multitude of threats
The Slaughter of Bears Is a Disgrace
New Statewide Effort For NM's Horses - So Many Ways to Help
TAKE ACTION TODAY! Game & Fish Dept wants more cougars killed
Tell the USDA: New Mexicans Don't Slaughter Their Horses
Team Teddy Cycles for Animal Protection Training
Building a Movement to Ban Traps on Public Lands
New Opportunities to Help Chimps!
Reports and Investigations: Help Turn this Attention into Needed Change
Create a Safety Net For N.M.’s Equines
Horses Suffering Cruel, Barbaric Treatment in NM as Reported by New York Times and Albuquerque Journal
APNM Announces New Equine Gelding Assistance Program and new Equine Care Brochure
Make a difference for the animals! Are you up to the challenge?
Make a Quick Call Today!
Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act (S. 810, H.R. 1513)
APNM & State Parks Division Collaborate on Safety in Cougar Country  
HSUS Recognizes APNM's Good Work in Spreading the News – the KIND NEWS, that is.
Watch “New Mexico’s Space Pioneers” and Take Action TODAY for Chimpanzees!
APNM Offers Rewards in Two Cruelty Cases
Working Together for Animal Welfare - Newly Developed Partnership: Bernalillo County Sheriff Department and Animal Care Service
City of Las Vegas, NM Adopts Anti-Tethering Ordinance
Let Valentine's Day Be Your Inspiration to Help Animals
Rash of Dog Shootings in Socorro County Reveals Even More Killings - APNM Offers Up To $10,000 Reward
NIH Suspends Future Chimp Research Funding After NM Senators Request Prompt Action
Artist Barbara Meikle Joins Forces with APNM to Help Horses!
2011 Comes to a Close
Join us in praise of heroes for animals and remembrance of those we lost
Activist Barbara Wold 1948-2011 - Animals Continue to Benefit from Wold's Legacy
ABQ Journal: Senators Protect Chimps
Senator Udall Signs onto Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act; IOM Says Chimp Research Unnecessary, Unethical

NIH Deceives Taxpayers on Chimps; Heinrich Steps Up

Bring Your Animals Inside! - Winter Animal Safety Tips

Animal Control Ordinances in New Mexico:
A Guide to Successful Improvements

APNM Completes Ambitious Anti-Cruelty Initiatives
APNM Mourns the Loss of Lea County Sheriff Coffman
ABQ Journal Editorial:
NIH Intent on Cruel, Worthless Chimp Tests
Teddy Fund in Action!
Allows Officer, Ryan Garrett,  to Enhance His Education

National Call-In Week for Chimpanzees in Laboratories
Please call for Alamogordo chimpanzees

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Straw Fund & Blanket Drive keep animals warm this winter - Get your Equine Protection tees & prints
One Special Runner for Animals
2011 Milagro Awards Ceremony Called "Inspiring," "Moving"
Elementary students learn the necessity of compassion to all living creatures
Buy Barbara Meikle's "He’s My Hero" Prints
Care about traps on public lands? Have your say!
KOAT: 5 bears released into wild
Your Membership Contribution: One Key
to Our Success
Annie's Half Marathon for the Animals
Taos News: Game and Fish deal with worst bear-kill season on state record
KTNV: Animal abuse becomes a felony in Nevada
Flo Happy Birthday, Flo!
Celebrate Chimps By Speaking Up!
Sitting Bear
New Mexico's Bears Need Your Voice, Not Your Birdseed
Wildlife and Equine Needs Heightened This Summer -
New APNM Resources
APNM Identified as High-Impact Nonprofit!
Dog Poisoned to Death in Taos - APNM Matches $4,500 Reward
Institute of Medicine Hosts Public Workshop on Use of Chimpanzees in Research
APNM Announces Winners of 2011 Milagro Awards
Cat Shot to Death Last Week in Albuquerque - APNM Offers $1,000 REWARD
APNM Reaches Out to Youth This Summer With Humane Education Messages
Horse Travelers and Truckers Reach Out to Help Save Animals’ Lives
ABQ Journal: Study on Traps’ Risk to Wolves Secret
Demand public transparency from the New Mexico Game Commission

ABQ Journal Editorial, APNM Guest Column:
Ask the Right Questions About Dog Bites

Be a hero for New Mexico’s furry and feathered 
Reuniting Hikers in the Gila With Their Lost Dogs
APNM Coordinates Free Training for NM Therapists and Law Enforcement Officers
Summer and Year-Round Internships Available at APNM
Chimps Need Your Help
American Red Cross Honors Deputy for Saving Animals
New Mexico Ensnared - Join APNM in calling for a ban on traps on public lands
McClatchy Series Reveals Depth of Suffering for New Mexico’s Chimpanzees
Success for Team Teddy!
The First 100!
A Benchmark for Horse Protection in New Mexico
Rio Rancho's New Animal Ordinance Approved
Let Google know "Dog Wars" doesn't belong on anyone's smartphone
APNM Honors Animal Welfare Officers for Their Tireless Dedication to the Animals of New Mexico
Congressmen Luján and Heinrich Cosponsors of Federal Legislation
to Help Save Chimps and Tax Dollars
May 15: Please Pledge as "Team Teddy" Rides the Santa Fe Century
Final 2011 Session Results: HB 234 and SB 11 Signed by Governor Martinez
APNM's Updated Online Catalog of New Mexico Animal Ordinances and Expanded Section on Animal Law Provide Useful Models for Activists
New programs, new successes for New Mexico’s horses!
Equine Protection Fund Gallops Into Its Second Year
Op-Ed: Finding Solutions to Challenge Animal Cruelty
N.M. Department of Public Safety Grant Provides Training, Equipment and Readiness
APNM on CNN's ISSUES with Jane Velez-Mitchell
Community's Efforts Reap Rewards for Chimps - NIH Gives Alamogordo Chimps Temporary Reprieve From Research
2011 Offers Change and Cause for Optimism: APNM Welcomes Deputy Director, Daniel Abram