APNM Identified as High-Impact Nonprofit!

A recent survey of 169 experts by Philanthropedia, part of charity rating group GuideStar, identified Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) as one of 16 high-impact nonprofits working on a local/state level on animal welfare, rights, and protection in the U.S.! Those who were surveyed to identify organizations making the biggest, positive impact in the field have an average of 17 years of work experience. They include veterinarians, researchers, shelter workers, senior staff members of nonprofits and foundation professionals.

APNM is enormously proud to have been recognized for our accomplishments, and we realize our board, staff, volunteers and supporters, all working together, make the organization relevant and effective! Thank you!


Here is what some of the survey participants said about APNM:

“It would take pages to list Animal Protection of New Mexico's accomplishments. They are a very high profile, effective organization…They have helped to improve and pass animal cruelty laws in NM, run a cruelty hotline, make sure that animal abusers are prosecuted, and assist law enforcement with confiscation and rescue of animals. They have programs that focus on domestic animals, NM wildlife, and chimpanzees who are stored for future biomedical research in NM.”

“They, and their legislative arm, APV, have had a great impact in terms of affecting animal legislation in the state of New Mexico.”

“This is a great group working on a variety of animal cruelty issues, including legislation."

“Their equine protection work, Dogs on Chains, chimpanzee sanctuary efforts, and trapping on public lands work has been effective."

“They are extraordinarily effective in their mission. They are active politically in New Mexico and nationally and are very good advocates.”

As a result of the survey, APNM is being highlighted on Philanthropedia’s website and will soon also be on GuideStar Take Action’s website.

Philanthropedia's site has the link to APNM's profile.

Finally, to read Philanthropedia’s official press release

Philanthropedia (at GuideStar) is a nonprofit organization working to help donors make smarter donations by connecting them with some of the highest impact nonprofits in a cause. They are different from other online rating sites or donation sites because they use experts to identify high-impact nonprofits.

Please help APNM continue making sure animals count in New Mexico by becoming a monthly donor, a regular volunteer, or both! Thank you for helping us stand out and stand up for animals!