Animal Control/Law Enforcement Support


The AniCare Approach to Treatment and Counseling for Animal Abuse Offenders

2012 NM Shelter Survey (pdf)

New Mexico Animal Resources Guide - Comprehensive directory of New Mexico animal resources, services and organizations.

New Mexico Animal Law Online
Know the law: city and county animal ordinances, state codes, & resources

FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY: Field Guide on Investigating Animal Cruelty in New Mexico

For several years, APNM has invested substantial resources in providing support for New Mexico's underfunded and understaffed animal shelters, animal control operations and other law enforcement agencies trying to help animals. APNM understands that those who are trying to keep animals safe in our communities can often be overwhelmed by the sheer number of animals arriving at shelters. APNM has seen that by providing training, resources and solutions to shelters and animal control operations, the animals benefit.

In addition to providing technical assistance and other comprehensive materials to animal control and shelter staff, APNM also:

  • Underwrote Scholarships and travel stipends for 27 State Police, Animal Control and County Sheriffs to attend Level One Animal Cruelty Investigations training in 2004 and 2006
  • Underwrote Scholarships for 12 Animal Control Officers to attend National Animal Control Association Levels I, II and III Animal Cruelty Investigations training in 2004 and 2005
  • Helped organize and underwrote Governor Richardson's first Conference on Animal Cruelty and Family Violence in 2004
  • Funded both Carlsbad's and Roswell's animal shelters transition to humane euthanasia methods from 2004-2006
  • Fielded hundreds of calls from law enforcement officers seeking assistance with animal cruelty cases from throughout the state
  • Worked with family violence prevention groups to launch the Companion Animal Rescue Effort, which provides safe haven for the animals of domestic violence victims in several communities across New Mexico
  • Arranged training for District Attorneys (DA) on the link between animal cruelty and family violence for several years at the DA's annual conference
  • Arranged training for magistrate and municipal judges on the link between animal cruelty and family violence in 2004 and 2005
  • Published and distributed free to law enforcement agencies the book, New Mexico Animal Law, which includes all New Mexico animal-related statutes, regulations and ordinances

APNM will continue to work to support its local shelters and law enforcement personnel who want to make a difference for animals. But your efforts in your community can make all the difference for the animals and those who are trying to help them. Consider adopting a shelter or animal control officer.