What is CARE?

CARE empowers individuals to leave abusive home environments by providing emergency protective care through network of government and private organizations and individuals.

Companion Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) is a network of safe havens for the animals of domestic violence victims in New Mexico.  CARE empowers individuals to leave abusive home environments by providing temporary housing for companion animals, livestock and exotic animals.  Temporary homes are provided through a network of government agencies and private agencies, veterinary clinics, groomers, boarding kennels and private individuals.  Many of the safe havens within the New Mexico network are free of charge; others charge a nominal fee or operate on a sliding scale.

APNM provides information about the CARE program and information concerning the link between domestic violence and animal abuse to law enforcement officials, service providers and concerned citizens.

Download CARE brochure(1mb pdf):
English | Spanish

Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence in NM

NM Children, Youth & Families Department - Domestic Violence Resources 

  • Domestic Violence Shelter Referral Hotline:  800-773-3645
  • Albuquerque Animal Services:  311
  • NM Children, Youth and Families (Albuquerque) 505-841-6100
  • NM Children, Youth and Families (Statewide) 800-797-3260

What can you do to help?

  • To help a victim of domestic violence connect with our network service providers, please print and share a copy of the CARE brochure (available in English or Spanish).
  • Report instances of animal abuse by calling 877-5-HUMANE.
  • If you would like to become part of the CARE network of safe haven providers, contact us.

If you or someone you know is concerned for the well-being of a companion animal:

  • Gather materials to establish ownership of your animal.   Obtain a license, vaccination records, and/or veterinary receipts in your name.  Keep photographs depicting you with your animal.  This helps to establish your legal claim to the animal.

  • When contacting a service provider, let them know you are concerned for your animal(s) well-being.  You do not have to leave your animal(s) behind.  Service provides have access to the CARE network and will can help obtain a safe place for your animal until you are able to relocate.

Information for Domestic Violence Service Providers:

If you would like a copy of the CONFIDENTIAL Network of Safe Havens, please contact the CARE Program Director.  This information is only available to bona fide domestic violence service providers.