Shelter Savvy from Animal Protection of New Mexico


The Animal Connection for Pre-School Through Second Grade

Learning Through Kindness

This four-week program is delivered in the classroom. Interactive presentations using games and other activities assist in teaching the curriculum and reinforcing the humane lessons. The introduction of registered therapy dogs captures the attention of students and excites them about learning important topics related to compassionate animal stewardship and personal safety. A special reading comprehension section is included.

Week One: Humane & Compassionate Animal Care

This presentation helps children recognize that what makes us (people) happy and healthy is also what makes animals happy and healthy. Emphasis is placed on shelter, food, water, health care, exercise, hygiene, education, play and love. Participation in games, activities and “grooming” a registered therapy dog reinforce this recognition.

Week Two: Staying Safe With Animals

Week Two: Staying Safe with Animals: Loose Dog Safety and Dog Bite Prevention:

Students learn how to read animals’ behavior to stay safe. This presentation introduces the students to understanding how animals communicate with us and when it is not comfortable for an animal to be disturbed. Children are taught safe manners around friendly animals and how to protect themselves from loose dogs and dogs that bite. The children practice their skills with registered therapy dogs.

Week Two: Staying Safe With Animals

Week Three: Read to Rico!

Through a partnership with Grey 2K USA, the children’s book, Pele’s Forever Home, is given to each student. The children read the book out loud to Rico, a registered therapy greyhound. This heartwarming story about a dog who longs for a “forever home” elicits understanding and empathy from the children while providing a reading experience that improves skills through positive reinforcement.

Week Four: Down on the Farm

While interactively playing with a large-scale toy farm, equipped with out buildings, pastures and an assortment of farm animals, the students learn empathy through interesting details about humane relationships between large, domestic animals and people.


Shelter Savvy from Animal Protection of New Mexico