Equine Care Guide

Download the Equine Care Guide

As any amateur or professional equestrian will tell you, caring for horses and their long-eared cousins is a serious, costly, and time-consuming activity. To help reduce mistreatment of equines based on faulty or nonexistent information, APNM has produced a quasi-sequel to our Caring for Your Companion Animal materials, the Equine Care Brochure. This five-fold, bilingual (English/Spanish) brochure, initially prompted by a request from a law enforcement official, contains information on proper feeding, shelter, veterinary care, grooming, and emergency planning.

Download the Equine Care Guide (also available in Spanish)

To request an Equine Care Brochure or dozens for distribution, contact APNM’s Equine Campaign Manager.

Horses, burros, and mules are vital to the history of New Mexico. Thank you for supporting equines in this centennial year, and stay tuned for more exciting developments for horses from APNM and the Equine Protection Program and Fund!

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