Milagro Awards Categories

Each award is a silver medallion, designed
and fabricated by San Juan Pueblo
silversmith, Andrew Garcia.

Milagro Awards recognize individual and collaborative humanitarian acts on behalf of animals. New Mexico organizations, businesses and individuals can be nominated in the following categories, except for the Animal Award category, which is for animal nominees only:

Advocacy Award: for advocacy efforts that promoted the compassionate treatment of animals and/or combated institutionalized animal cruelty; for efforts that alleviated the pain and suffering of animals used for "entertainment" or for cruel medical experiments.

Animal Award: for exceptional animal courage and/or intelligence (animal nominees only).

Board of Directors' Award: for lifelong commitment to animal rights.

Direct Animal Services Award: for efforts that directly improved the lives of animals; for alleviating the pain and suffering of companion animals, farm animals, livestock and/or wildlife.

Executive Director's Award: for outstanding support of APNM’s mission and program.

Humane Citizen Award: for efforts by a private citizen to promote the humane treatment of animals using a variety of approaches and methods.

Humane Education Award: for innovative classroom, public, private or civic education efforts that foster humane ethics in youth.

Law Enforcement Award: for exceptional commitment to the effective and timely enforcement of laws that protect animals.

Lawmaking Advocacy Award: for efforts that result in the passage of animal protection legislation.

Mary Jane García Champion for Animals Award: for exceptional leadership, courage and persistence in the face of opposition, resulting in positive change for animals.

Media Award: for spotlighting animal issues with courage, creativity and integrity.

Spirit of the Mission Award: for actions that bring about precedent-setting change with a national impact that advances the animal rights movement.

Youth Award: for youth activism, ethics, and bravery.


Animal Protection of New Mexico may choose not to give a Milagro award in every award category every year.