2002 Milagro Award Recipients

Ann Beyke, Animal Humane Association
Pamela Everson, The Wildlife Center
Tamara Ward, Youth Diagnostic and Devleopment Center
Charles Madrid, Assurance Home
Ron Malone, Assurance Home
Nancy Marano, Petroglyphs
Delores Stroud
Susan Weiss
Suzanne Roy, In Defense of Animals
Pearl Olivieri (accepting for Mark and Marianne Newton)
front: Hank (Labrador) and John Hayes



APNM Announces 2002 Milagro Award Receipts

After choosing from an unprecedented number of nominations from throughout New Mexico, Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) selected the winners of its 2002 Milagro Awards.

Milagro Awards recognize individual and collaborative humanitarian acts on behalf of animals. In what was an unusual circumstance, APNM created and presented a ninth Milagro Award, in recognition of an extraordinary accomplishment in New Mexico which is precedent-setting and has national impact, called the Spirit of the Mission Award. The 2002 Milagro Award recipients are:

Advocacy Award: (promoting the compassionate treatment of animals): Susan Weiss, Corrales, for extraordinary efforts to promote humans’ co-existence with coyotes. Contact: Susan Weiss: 505-898-6891.

Animal Award: (exceptional animal courage and/or intelligence): Hank, a 7-year old Labrador mix, formerly of Taos, for saving the life of his human companion, John Hayes. Contact: John Hayes, 970-407-9099.

Board of Directors’ Award: (lifelong commitment to animal rights): the late Marianne and Mark Newton, Rio Rancho, for a concern for animals that surpassed their lives. Contact: Pearl Olivieri (Mark Newton’s sister), 505-892-7477

Direct Animal Services Award: (efforts that directly improve the lives of animals): The Wildlife Center, Española, for helping to preserve the diversity of life through education programs and wildlife care, rehabilitation and release. Contact: Board President, Gary Ehlert, 505-982-1774.

Executive Director’s Award: (outstanding support of APNM’s mission and program):Delores Stroud, Albuquerque, for integrating the message of compassion for animals into advocacy work involving victims of family violence. Contact: Delores Stroud, 505-271-0329, x232

Humane Education Award: (innovative civic education efforts that foster humane ethics): Animal Humane Association of New Mexico, Inc. (AHA), and Youth Diagnostic and Development Center (YDDC) — Project Second Chance, Albuquerque, for collaboration and innovation demonstrated through "Project Second Chance", helping both animals and youth at risk. Contacts: Tracy Ploor (AHA), 505-991-4263 and Tamara Ward (YDDC), 505-841-2400.

Media Award: (spotlighting animal issues with courage, creativity, integrity): Petroglyphs magazine, Santa Fe, for excellence in the magazine’s educational content and geographic distribution. Contact: Nancy Marano, 505-989-5789.

Youth Award: (youth activism, ethics, bravery): the young people of Assurance Home, Roswell, for implementation of the "Mustang Project" in which young people, under the close supervision of adults, rescue and then train wild mustangs for therapeutic and/or handicapped riding programs. Contact: Ron Malone, Executive Director, 505-624-1780

Spirit of the Mission Award: (bringing about precedent-setting change with a national impact that advances the animal rights movement): In Defense of Animals (IDA), for spearheading an eight-year campaign to close The Coulston Foundation, the country’s most notorious primate vivisection laboratory, located in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Contact: Eric Kleiman, IDA Research Director, 717-939-3231.