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Shelter Management & Resources

Shelter Management

Find out how to develop standard operating procedures, manage staff, recruit volunteers and more.

Keys to a Great Shelter   Making Plans to Make A Difference   HSUS Volunteer Management   Sample Volunteer Handbook   Generic Standard Operating Procedures
Keys to a Great Shelter [PDF]   Making Plans to Make a Difference [PDF]   HSUS Volunteer Management [PDF]   HSUS Volunteer Handbook in Word format [DOC]   ASPCA Generic Standard Operating Procedures in Word format [DOC]


Shelter Resources

Learn from the animal sheltering professionals, find training opportunities and everything from equipment to software designed to make your shelter more efficient.

ASPCApro   Animal Sheltering   HSUS Shelter Pages 2013  
ASPCApro (external link)   Animal Sheltering (external link)   HSUS Shelter Pages 2013 (external link)  


Food For Thought

management links

Priorities Checklist from APNM

ASPCA: Animal Shelters by Miriam Ramos

Pet Finder: The Future of Animal Shelters

The Five Freedoms for Shelter Animals

Management Tools

ASPCApro: Shelter Management

HSUS: Shelter Management

American Humane Association: For Shelter Professionals

American Humane Association: Operational Guides for Animal Shelters

National Animal Care and Control Association

Free Training

ASPCApro: Upcoming Webinars

Humane Society University Free Webinar Series

Conferences and Professional Organizations

New Mexico Humane Conference

HSUS/Animal Sheltering - Animal Care Expo

Society of Animal Welfare Administrators

National Rescue and Sheltering Coalition

National Animal Control Association

Shelter Software

Shelter Buddy Database System

PetPoint Animal Management System



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