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Shelter Animal Relocation

If you visit any animal shelter in New Mexico on any given day, chances are the kennels will all be full – full of highly adoptable dogs and cats of every age, shape and size, many waiting in vain to share their love with someone. It’s a sad fact that of the 135,000 dogs and cats entering New Mexico’s shelters each year, nearly half are euthanized - the result of too many animals and too few homes. One life-saving solution is shelter animal relocation – transporting adoptable animals from areas of oversupply to areas where demand for them is greater.

APNM’s research shows that many of New Mexico’s animal shelters, rescue organizations, and volunteers relocate thousands of dogs and hundreds of cats each year to various destinations - both in and out of state - in an effort to increase the animals’ chances of being adopted into good, loving homes. As a statewide animal advocacy organization, APNM is in a prime position to evaluate, support and help further these life-saving efforts, thanks to a generous grant from the ASPCA®.

Ultimately, APNM’s goals include developing and supporting relocation systems and practices that will:

• have the greatest impact on quality placement of animals
• ensure conditions that support optimal animal health and well-being
• improve animal health at both source and destination shelters
• ensure more streamlined and humane transportation methods
• provide improved follow-up and reporting


Do you have too many animals at your facility – or not enough? The ASPCA's MAP (Moving Animals Places) is a free, searchable database in which members can find other organizations in order to transfer animals from areas of oversupply to areas where demand is greater. Members can look for a source or destination group, either on a one-time basis or as a long-term partnership. APNM encourages all those eligible in New Mexico to register today and begin making powerful, lifesaving connections!

Read more about safe and effective ways to relocate shelter animals:

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(See the Animal Transport section, beginning on page 39.)





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