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New Mexico State and Local Animal Laws

New Mexico State Statutes

Here is a selection of state laws of special interest for shelters and animal control officers:

New Mexico Animal Cruelty Statute   Livestock Code  
New Mexico Animal Cruelty Statute [PDF]   Dogs and Domesticated Animals [PDF]  
Dangerous Dog Act   Pet Sterilization Act  
Dangerous Dog Act [PDF]   Pet Sterilization Act [PDF]  
State and Local Laws


New Mexico City and County Ordinances

Click here for APNM's statewide directory of local ordinances, plus related resources.


New Mexico Animal Cruelty Hotlines:

Agencies that require assistance with cases of cockfighting, dogfighting and hoarding, please call the New Mexico Attorney General's Animal Cruelty Hotline, operated by APNM: 1-877-5-HUMANE (1-877-548-6263).

Individuals who require assistance in reporting animal cruelty to local authorities may call APNM's Cruelty Case Manager at 1-505-265-2322, ext. 29. Callers may remain anonymous.





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