Disaster Preparedness for Large Animals & Livestock


A disaster plan for large animals, such as horses or cows, is much the same as for household animals.

Establish an evacuation plan for animals in barns and outlying buildings. 

Involve your entire family and any willing neighbors.  Post emergency contact numbers at your barn or on your pasture fence.  Have sufficient transportation available for all your large animals or know where to obtain it.  Train your livestock how to board the vehicles.

Prepare a disaster kit. 

Have a reserve supply of feed and water ready. Include extra leads, halters, species-appropriate first aid kits, and anything else your animals regularly require.


Keep photos and a copy of your registration papers or brands with you at all times in case you are separated from your livestock.

Know where your animals are going to go. 

Create a list of neighbors within a 100-mile radius of your home who would be willing to board your livestock if you are forced to evacuate.  Know organizations in your area that are prepared to rescue and house displaced livestock.  Form agreements with neighboring ranches and farms to help each other with disaster preparation and evacuations.

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