Vegan/Vegetarian Dining Guide for Albuquerque


Bamboo House Chinese
1745 Juan Tabo Blvd., NE 293-0183

Bangkok Cafe
(Thai Cuisine)
5901 Central Ave., NE 255-5036

Chen's Chinese Food
(will prepare vegan eggrolls)
235 Juan Tabo Blvd., NE 298-9214

China Garden
(vegetarian eggrolls, health-conscious, no MSG)
4615 Menaul Blvd., NE 883-4455

China Inn
9500 Montgomery Blvd., NE 293-4297

China Kitchen
2218 Southern Blvd., SE
Rio Rancho 891-8171

Four Joys Chinese

(will prepare vegetarian eggrolls)
- 6122 4th St., NW 345-5975
- 1016 Juan Tabo Blvd., NE 292-8222

Japanese Kitchen
Park Square 884-8937
Ko Palace
4208 Menaul Blvd., NE 884-2293

May Café
111 Louisiana Blvd., SE 265-4448

Mr. Sushi
2400 Juan Tabo, NE 298-3081

Musashino Japanese
(ask for eggless sushi)
6205-B Montgomery Blvd., NE 880-0008

New China Town
5001 Central Ave., NE 265-8859

Pattaya Thai Restaurant
834 San Mateo Blvd., SE 255-5930

Shogun Japanese
3310 Central Ave., SE 265-9166

Teriyaki King
2235 Wyoming Blvd., NE 292-1779

Thai House
106 Buena Vista Dr., SE 247-9205

Huong Thao (vietnamese)
(ask for rice noodles)



Bodhi Buffet Restaurant
127 Harvard Dr., SE 260-0919

India Kitchen
6910 Montgomery Blvd., NE 884-2333

India Palace
Wyoming and Montgomery
(Montgomery Crossing) 271-5009


4801 Central Ave., NE 255-9895

Shalimar East Indian
8405 Montgomery Blvd., NE 275-7949

Taj Mahal
1430 Carlisle Blvd., NE 255-1994


Il Vicino
(vegan minestrone and pizza)
3403 Central Ave., NE 266-7855

3301 Coors Rd., NW 831-4191

Paisano's Italian
1935 Eubank Blvd., NE 298-7541

(ask for eggless pasta)
3500 Central, SE 255-8781

Romano's Macaroni Grill
(specify no chicken stock)
2100 Louisiana Blvd., NE 881-3400

Tomato Cafe
(vegan posole and will make vegan pizza on request)
-1930 Juan Tabo, NE 293-5100
-5901 Wyoming Blvd., NE 821-9300


Barry's Oasis Restaurant
(vegetarian and vegan lasagne)
5400 San Mateo Blvd., NE 884-2324

Gyros Greek Diner
106 Cornell Ave., SE (University area) 255-4401

Koury's Deli
5850 Osuna Rd., NE 881-6212

Michelle's Old World Cafe
(mostly mediterranean)
6205 Montgomery Blvd., NE 884-7938

Olympia Café

2210 Central Ave., SE 266-5222

Petra Café & Restaurant
(lentil soup and Jordanian salad are vegan)
115 Harvard Dr., SE 266-2477

(vegan lasagne and lentil soup)
3109 Central Ave., NE 268-9250

Camino Real de Ron
416 Yale Blvd., SE 255-0973

Casa de Benavidez
(New Mexican)
8032 4th St., NW 897-7493

Catalina's Mexican Restaurant
(only red chili is meatless)
400 San Felipe St., NW 842-6907

(caters to vegans)
5801 Gibson Blvd., SE 262-2253

515-A Wyoming Blvd., NE 255-7540

El Bandido
2720 Central Ave., SE 255-6946

El Patio de Albuquerque
142 Harvard Dr., SE 268-4245

Fajita Factory

2004 Central Ave., SE 247-2574

La Esquina Restaurant
(closes after 7 pm weekdays)
First Plaza Galleria 242-3432

La Placita
208 San Felipe, NW 247-2204

Richard's Mexican Restaurant
(dinner only on Friday night-both chilis are meatless)
3301 Menaul Blvd., NE 881-1039

Rudy's Vee Jay's Café
(spinach burrito, both chilis meatless, occasional vegan lasagne, hours 7-3)
2933 Monte Vista Blvd., SE 266-2595


Annie's Soup Kitchen
(breakfast and lunch only)
3107 Eubank Blvd., NE 296-8601

Assets Grille
(grilled portobello mushroom)
6910 Montgomery Blvd., NE 889-6400

Cafe au Lait
(breakfasts, sandwiches. Lots of veggie options, substitutions no problem)
Central Ave. and 6th St. 248-0707

Cafe Broadway
(A Taste of Spain; vegetarian gaspacho soup; vegetarian paella; garden burgers)
606 Broadway, SE 842-9998

Double Rainbow Gourmet Ice Creams
(tempeh burgers, vegan soup and sorbets)
- 3416 Central Ave., SE 255-6633
- 4501 Juan Tabo Blvd., NE 275-8311

Fred's Bread & Bagel
(hummus sandwiches, bagels)
3009 Central Ave., NE 266-7323

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
(Native American)
2401 12th St., NW 843-7270

Java Joe's
(vegan soup)
906 Park Ave., SW 764-9999

(veggi grill and burritos)
2900 Central Ave. SE 265-1669

Monte Vista Fire Station
(grilled vege. egg rolls; will cater to vegans)
3201 Central Ave., NE 255-2424

(Laura's weird sandwich)
3211 Central Ave. NE 256-6564

Owl Cafe
(creamy green chili; vegetarian quesadillas; cater to vegans)
800 Eubank, NE 291-4900

Souper Salad
- 1606 Central Ave., SE 243-9751
- 4411 San Mateo Blvd., NE 888-9534
- 2225 Wyoming Blvd., NE 294-7585

NOTE: "Vegan" food means dishes containing no meat, fish, fowl, eggs, or dairy products. "Vegetarian" dishes may contain eggs or dairy, but no meat, fish, or fowl.

These stores offer healthy food and groceries, as well as a selection of cruelty-free cosmetics & household products.

BK's Health Pantry
(organic produce) SW 243-0370

Co- op Supermarket
(organic produce) SE 265-4631

Fountain of Health
NE 256-7871

The Herb Store
(no household products)
SE 255-8878

Keller's Farm Store
(organic produce)NE 294-1427
&NW 898-6121

Moses Kountry Health Foods
NW 898-9763

Twenty Carrots
(organic produce)
SE 242-1320

Wild Oats Market
(organic produce) NE 823-1933
& NE 275-6660


La Montanita Co-op Supermarket Deli

(tempting deli delights, & now you can buy vegan pies, cookies, and pastries!)
3500 Central Ave., NE  265-4631

Wild Oats Market & Deli
(loads of luscious vegan food)
- 6300 San Mateo Blvd., NE  823-1933
- 11015 Menaul Blvd., NE  275-6660

China Dragon
(wonderful eggrolls, soup, tofu dishes)
2842 Carlisle Blvd., NE 888-0203

Sweet Tomatoes
(a huge salad and potato bar, plus vegan penne & marinara)

- 4901 San Mateo Blvd. NE 888-6131
- 10126 Coors Blvd. NW 898-2171


More and more people are becoming aware that a vegetarian diet makes the most sense for their health, the health of the planet, and of course the well-being of other animals. Won't you help us make positive changes for the health of all animals, human and non-human, by supporting our progressive campaigns? Please consider joining Animal Protection of New Mexico, Inc. Learn how your individual choices and actions can and will make a difference in the world!

The restaurants listed in this guide have varied menus, all featuring some vegetarian dishes. Many will prepare additional vegetarian and vegan dishes if you ask. Letting the restaurant owner know that you visited his or her establishment especially for a vegetarian meal may encourage an expanded vegetarian menu in the future.

This is the second issue of the Santa Fe area Vegetarian Dining Guide, offered by Animal Protection of New Mexico, Inc. We hope that we have included your favorite vegetarian
restaurants, but if not, please let us know for future editions. This guide will grow as more eating establishments feel a demand for vegetarian/vegan food from their customers. Please contact us if you know of a business that would like to help us distribute this guide to their patrons.

This guide has been designed to provide you with a variety of dining choices. It is by no means inclusive of all restaurants offering vegetarian fare. We have included our favorites, along with many restaurants specializing in ethnic dishes or specialty foods. We've also included a list of natural food stores in the Santa Fe and Los Alamos areas, to make your natural food/vegetarian grocery shopping easier. Telephone numbers have been provided so that you can call to check on menu selections and operating hours of stores and restaurants.


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