APNM Campaigns for Change

Say No to Horse Slaughter
Chimps to Sanctuary
We are New Mexicans opposed to the cruel, needless practice of equine slaughter and opposed to the opening of any facility doing so in our state. We maintain that horses, donkeys, and mules are valuable to our lives and vital to our heritage and society.
APNM is working tirelessly to free the surviving chimpanzees of the Alamagordo Primate Facility so that they might spend their remaining years in sanctuary; the lives that they deserve.
CARE Network
Equine Protection Program
Companion Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) is a network of safe havens for the animals of domestic violence victims in New Mexico, empowering individuals to leave abusive home environments by providing temporary housing for companion animals, livestock and exotic animals.
Horses (and their relatives) have played an integral part in New Mexico's heritage, but APNM has seen as a dramatic increase in equine neglect and abuse calls. Horse slaughter has also become a critical issue in the state. APNM is actively seeking solutions to remedy these problems with the Equine Protection Program.
Train. Don't Chain.
Shelter Savvy
Animal Protection of New Mexico strives to help people all over New Mexico learn about positive alternatives to chaining or tethering dogs. Train. Don't Chain.® involves working closely with communities across the state to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of life for New Mexico's chained dogs.
Shelter Savvy provides resources and support for animal shelters, animal control agencies, rescues and transporters to help improve the lives of animals in New Mexico.
Beavers are a keystone species and their presence in nature greatly affects other wildlife. However they find themselves facing threats both natural and unnatural.
Throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, cougars were erroneously considered a threat to humans and were eradicated until only small populations remained in the mountainous West. Over the past two decades, Animal Protection of New Mexico has tirelessly worked to reverse the outmoded view that cougars are nuisance animals.
Milagro Awards
Animal Overpopulation
Since 2000, APNM has been "catching people in the act" of doing good things for animals, and recognizing them for their humanitarian efforts at its Milagro Awards ceremony, now held every four years.
New Mexico has a tragic and costly problem: companion animal overpopulation. Animal Protection of New Mexico collaborates with individuals, non-profits, and local government officials in communities statewide to create effective spay-neuter programs.
Animal Control/Law Enforcement
Humane Education
APNM provides support for New Mexico's underfunded and understaffed animal shelters, animal control operations and other law enforcement agencies trying to help animals. We see that by providing training, resources and solutions to shelters and animal control operations, the animals benefit.
APNM has been focusing on outreach to youth as a way to address the problem of animal abuse. Through calls received through the hotlines, we identify areas of high abuse and coordinate change in those communities, while teaching young people with our groundbreaking humane education curriculum, The Animal Connection.