Your Role in the Chimpanzees to Sanctuary Program

APNM Chimp Tag Program


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APNM offers you a unique opportunity to help ensure former research chimpanzees are permanently retired to bona fide sanctuaries. By purchasing chimpanzee freedom tags ($20), you will help APNM with our campaign to seek permanent retirement for the Alamogordo Primate Facility chimpanzees still in custody of the National Institutes of Health.

Tags are also available for chimpanzees already retired and living at the Save the Chimps temporary sanctuary, formerly The Coulston Foundation facility (TCF) in Alamogordo.

Chimp tag sales will be used in APNM's campaign to have all government-owned chimpanzees languishing at APF retired to a permanent sanctuary.

How to Order Your Tag(s)

You can "adopt" a chimpanzee quickly and easily. Choose from the list of chimps, and contact us online or by mail. Your chimpanzee freedom tag will be mailed to you, or as a gift to the person of your choice. (For gifts, be sure to include the recipient’s address.)


Wear it proudly! Speak out about the APF's chimps' languishing in a holding facility when they could be living in a sanctuary instead. Wearing a freedom tag creates awareness of the plight of chimpanzees who have been and still are being used for medical research.

Here’s how to read your chimpanzee freedom tag:

  • Line one is the Name of your chimpanzee
  • Line two is the Species (CHIMPANZEE)
  • Line three is the former Inventory Number and chimpanzee’s gender
  • Line four is your chimpanzee’s Date of Birth
  • Line five is your chimpanzee's location at time of tag manufacture. For the most up-to-date listing of all chimps in labs, please visit


  • Share the information you receive. Urge others to support this program.
  • Write letters to the media about the immorality of primate biomedical research.
  • Do something for chimpanzees on each birthday anniversary of the chimpanzee for whom you are now the guardian.
  • Subscribe to APNM’s e-newsletter for news and updates.
  • Visit and send an email to the federal government.