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Welcome to Shelter Savvy, Animal Protection of New Mexico’s destination created specifically for the state’s animal sheltering community, including shelter professionals, rescue organizations, animal law enforcement agencies, transporters, advocates and volunteers. We salute your dedication and applaud your achievements for New Mexico’s animals.

We’ve designed Shelter Savvy as a dynamic, interactive clearinghouse filled with the latest resources and ideas to provide you with technical assistance, training opportunities, funding sources, grant writing advice and more. We welcome and encourage your collaboration.

Shelter Savvy holds a key role in Animal Protection of New Mexico's statewide Animal Shelter Assistance Program, whose primary mission is to enhance the ability of New Mexico's animal shelters to:

  • humanely care for lost, homeless and abandoned animals;
  • increase adoptions;
  • improve public access to spay/neuter programs;
  • reduce companion animal overpopulation; and
  • reduce euthanasia rates.

Shelter Savvy  

Through Shelter Savvy, you can receive, share and offer advice on specific ways to help our communities succeed in making shelter improvements. With your help, APNM will provide up-to-the-minute, informative news about what’s happening in the sheltering community statewide and beyond. We will let you know about issues that affect your work. At the same time, we hope to lead the way toward more meaningful public and private support of shelters and other animal care programs so vital to our communities.


By providing a robust and proactive service to our friends in the sheltering community, we can improve communication among us all for the ultimate benefit of New Mexico’s animals. Building on our common goals, we can work together and succeed in making New Mexico a leader in the world of animal sheltering.


Animal Protection of New Mexico wishes to acknowledge and thank the ASPCA for its generous support to expand and enhance our Animal Shelter Assistance Program.

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