Welcome to Animal Protection of New Mexico’s web resources for kids and families who value the human-animal bond.

Young people can make an enormous and positive difference in the lives of animals. Kids and adults alike can follow any of the following links to help animals who absolutely rely on our mercy and our actions to not only survive but to thrive!

Kids Care and Can Make a Difference!


Humane Education

Is there any more important investment than to nurture kindness in young people and to teach them to make kind choices? We don’t think so! Learn more about Animal Protection of New Mexico’s groundbreaking work to inspire young people to embrace kindness to animals, to their peers, to everyone they meet.


The Human-Animal Bond

Children know what many adults have to re-learn: That the strong bond between a person and an animal enhances the lives of both. Investigate the many ways to ensure your animals are well cared for, invited into your life, and given the opportunity to reach their true potential, all while also bringing joy to you and your family.


Saying No to Animal Cruelty

Animals are vulnerable to people who harm them, both intentionally and because of ignorance. Keeping animals safe from harm takes everyone in the community. Learn how to be active and make a difference for animals. In some cases, you may be the only person who sees an animal’s suffering and can do something about it. Be their lifeline.


Caring for Your Animals

There are so many different kinds of animals who share our lives. Optimum care for a dog is different than for a cat, or a horse. Learn how to ensure the animals in your life are valued and that they’re given the consideration you’d like to be given if you were in their place.

When in doubt, ask yourself this: How would I feel if.....?


Staying Connected with Issues About Animals

Helping animals in New Mexico means knowing what is happening in your community and your state and being determined to get involved in changing things for the better for animals.


Youth Action

Young people have so much to teach others in our community, even while they are learning about the world around them. Combine their energy and optimism and you have a recipe for success for change for animals. Learn more about the change being sparked by other young people in New Mexico.

Fall 2012: Compassionate Animal Care Education Program | Kind News for NM Schools

Summer 2012: Summer Learning and Kids Helping Chimps | Cougar Safety

Spring 2012: Paws and Claws Summer Camp for Young Advocates


Milagro Awards Youth Winners

Click here for a list of Milagro Awards youth winners since 2000. Below is a video profile of 2011 winners Alicia Page, Ashley Page and Kolene Winn.